Morning classes for professionals

Dancer and dance teacher Nina Bulgakova moved to Finland in October 2022 because of the Ukraine War. Now we have an amazing opportunity to learn from her. Nina is keeping four time special morning classes for dance professionals and dance teachers. 

  • wednesday 10:30-12:30 (31.5, 7.6, 14.6, 21.6)
  • Tehtaankatu 27-29, 00150 Helsinki (inner yard)
  • Price: one class 20€ / all four classes 60€
  • class is held in english

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Workout(30 min)+ ethno contemporary technique (90 min)

Workout is based on the principles of balance yoga (biomechanics of movements, compensation of physical activity,strengthening the muscles that stabilize the spine and core , development of the hip joints.

This part of the lesson is done to avoid injury in the class, and also to add technicality to the body.

Ethno contemporary technique is a kind of mix of contemporary dance and the principles of folk dance – body percussion, the use of voice. Another part of the lesson will be devoted to isolation: waves with different parts of the body (at different speeds and coordinating with other parts of the body), waves with resistance, relying on different parts of the body to the floor, various pordebras and fine movement techniques (hands).

Better to take with you:

  • long pants or leggings
  • T-shirt
  • long sleeve or hoodie
  • socks
  • knee pads